Video Conversions


Convert your collection and save up to $10 per tape

Preserve Your Videos on DVD or USB Drive

Those old VHS and camcorder tapes are gathering dust, taking up space and may soon start to deteriorate. Perhaps, you no longer have playback equipment and want to search for precious souvenirs that haven’t been seen for years. It’s time to gather up your collection of obsolete video tapes and have us transfer them to a format you can use. We’ll help you choose the best options to archive, edit and share your videos.


Source Tapes

  • VHS – 5 or more $9.00 each, reg. $10 each
  • VHS-C, Video-8, Digital-8, Mini-DV – 5 or more $12.00, reg. $15 each
  • Betamax, S-VHS – 5 or more $20.00 each, reg. $25 each
  • Betacam, DVCam, 3/4″ Umatic – 5 or more $40.00 each, reg. $50 each


Content to DVD – 8.99/hr

DVD-Video format, inlcudes disc, printing and jewel case with a minimum of 2 hours content transfer. ¹


Content to USB – 8.99/hr

MP4 or MP2 digital video formats, 16 GB USB flash drive included with a minimum of 7 hours content transfer. ²


Content to DVD + USB – 12.99/hr

DVD-Video plus MP2 digital video file, includes disc, printing jewel case ¹ plus 16 GB USB flash drive with a minimum of 7 hours content transfer. ²

Customer Comments

sandy morin

“We had home movies dating back about 20 years. Unfortunately, they were on various types of media like VHS and 8mm tapes. Before they became obsolete we figured we better get them on the latest form of media…I called KAV and we discussed my options. We decided to have Kevin copy everything to his hard drive. I then came in and put them in chronological order and deleted any duplication before burning them to DVD.

It worked out perfectly! We now have a set of 10 DVDs and can now view them as a family for the first time since they were filmed. It was the best solution for us and I am sorry we didn’t call sooner.”


— Sandy Morin

Ready to convert your tapes?

Put your tapes in the order you want them to appear, decide on a digital playback format and if you’ll need extra copies, then contact us for an appointment to drop them into our studio. We can also help arrange for shipping or pick up.  Call 613-937-3700

¹ Programs will be combined to fill the 2 hour SP capacity of DVD discs. Requests for single program transfers to separate discs will be charged a 2 hour minimum per disc. ² 16 GB USB flash drive regular price 25.99.  Quantity discounts shown, apply to conversion of five or more source tapes per project. Prices are subject to change without notice. Taxes are extra. Certain conditions may apply. Please contact us for more detail.

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