Sound & Music Production

Sound & Music Production

We record, master and distribute music, narration and soundtracks

KAV Productions has produced a wide range of sound recordings from live concerts to movie sound tracks. We provide multi-track digital audio recording and mixing of music or voice programs for Broadcast, Audio-CD, Performance, Film and Video Sound Tracks. We also provide sound systems and tech support for live events.


Studio Recordings

Our sound studio is ideal for voice recording or small musical ensembles. Whether vocal, instrumental or narration, we have a variety of microphones, mixers and recording software to suit the application. We can even provide a studio musician and keyboards with hundreds of sampled instruments and rhythms.

  • Mix your vocal with a prerecorded music track
  • Add voice-over to a video sound track
  • Multi-track with a variety of instruments and effects
  • Record a Music Demo
  • Record an Audio Podcast

Studio Rates starting at $69 per hour


Music Recording on Location

Larger groups such as choirs, orchestras or bands that require lots of gear and space are recorded on location. This may include auditoriums, churches or sound stages. We bring the appropriate audio equipment and master the recordings in our studio.


Sound for Live Events

Entertainers or guest speakers performing at banquets, conferences, festivals or other venues will have a variety of audio requirements. To ensure a good experience for the audience, peace of mind for the performers and a professional, seamless presentation for the event organizers, a dedicated, experienced sound technician is crucial for success. The sound technician will interpret the requirements of performers, set-up and operate the audio equipment follow cues and make adjustments as required.

Audio Production Equipment

  • Mixers: 5 channel, 12 channel quad
  • Hardwired Microphones: unidirectional, omni, shotgun, studio
  • Wireless Microphones: lapel, handheld unidirectional, shotgun, headset mic
  • Microphone wind screens, wind muff, pop filter
  • Stands: floor boom, round-base, tabletop, hand boom
  • Portable Stereo Sound Systems: 1200 watt, 500 watt, 300 watt
  • Studio Monitors
  • Electric Piano (full keyboard)
  • 100 watt Keyboard/Guitar Ampflifier
  • Connectors: XLR, 1/4″ cables, DI boxes
  • Media Press box (14 channel XLR)
  • USB Audio Capture to Adobe Audition Mastering Software

Customer Comments


“We found KAV to be very accessible and well equipped for our needs. Great service!!”


— Ron Brisebois

Candy Pollard

“I like to work with KAV because they make me look good. Why would I go anywhere else?”


— Candy Pollard

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