Staff at Medical Arts

Medical Arts at 60 – A local business success story

When Medical Arts Pharmacy in Cornwall, Ontario sent out post cards thanking customers for their support, they got an overwhelming response. A number of customers felt the need to show their appreciation for the many years of excellent service.  According to marketing expert, Mary Anne Pankhurst, what sets this locally owned and operated pharmacy apart from its competition are its specialized services and generous community support.

Medical Arts, asked KAV Productions to help mark the 60th anniversary through photos and video. With lots of help researching, digging through archives, and filming interviews, everyone involved help make the video a centrepiece of the celebrations. In the video, Shannon Bellefeuille, wife of founder Ernie Bellefeuille recalls when Medical Arts first opened its doors on Montreal Road in 1956.  We also hear from long time customers Lois Lefebvre, Jake Lamoureux and Le Village BIA representative, Pierre Lefebvre.


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newborn screening

MOH Explains Newborn Screening in 20 Languages

In an effort to communicate its message to parents of newborn babies in Ontario, NSO, a provincial agency headed at CHEO in Ottawa, has decided to use a video series that is available in twenty of the most spoken languages in Ontario. KAV worked with Langu-edge Solutions Inc., a multi-lingual translation firm along with a variety of local voice-over talent. The twenty language DVD has been distributed to hospitals across Ontario and is also available in HD on the NSO’s YouTube channel. KAV has also provided closed captioning in English and French.

About 140,000 babies are born every year in Ontario. Newborn screening is a blood test done shortly after birth to test for treatable diseases that are not usually apparent in the newborn period. Early detection of these diseases is the key to effective treatment and can prevent serious health problems and even save lives. A heelprick allows health care providers to collect a small amount of blood on special filter paper. This blood is sent to Newborn Screening Ontario (NSO) where it is tested for 29 diseases.

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Sharing the Quilt of Belonging Digitally

Conceived over 20 years ago by artist, Esther Bryan, the Quilt of Belonging expresses the beauty and diversity of the world’s cultures in textile form. The collaborative work is curated by a talented team of passionate individuals based in Eastern Ontario who have worked with KAV Productions to develop an interactive website to share their message globally.

Quilt of Belonging is a collaborative work of art whose mission is to recognize Canada’s diversity, celebrate our common humanity and promote harmony and compassion among people.

Working closely for several months with writers, translators, graphics designers, programmers and educators, KAV Productions developed an interactive, responsive web design rich in multimedia content. After over a year in the making, the bilingual site,, officially launched in October 2016. With over 600 webpages containing thousands of images, videos and even an on-line shop, this is one of the largest designs we have worked on. But, with its user-friendly interface, the non-profit organization is able to make additions, and update its viewers of the latest news from any device with a browser without the need of a web expert.

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